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Editions and Multiples



THE RESIDENCE GALLERY is conducting a rolling review of proposals for artist editions and multiples to be marketed online, on-site in the gallery, and at select art fairs and special events.

We are seeking exceptional, forward-thinking, high quality limited editions, artist publications, fine art collectibles and artist multiples from contemporary artists retailing at £200 and under. These pieces may be part of or a document of a larger body of work. Alternatively they may be works in their own rite. Edition numbers may not exceed 100 and works must be created within the past 2 years.

If selected, the same pieces must not be for sale on the artist’s own website but rather they may be linked to The Residence Gallery purchase page. Pieces will be trialed on a 3 month basis and successful works will be consigned on an extended basis. All proposals will be considered for feature in our 2014 summer exhibition in addition to the gallery shop.

There is no application fee. This is an exciting opportunity to present and sell items at The Residence Gallery.

To submit your proposal, please email:


-Contact details: Name, address, email, phone number, website (if applicable)
-jpeg images of your proposed pieces
-image list detailing title, medium, measurements, year, edition, price (excluding VAT, keeping in mind artist gets 50%, gallery gets 50%).
-Brief statement about the pieces and how it relates to your current themes/ overall practice.
-CV and short bio

There is no deadline for submissions as we are set to constantly update our stock. Every proposal is reviewed and kept on file for 3 months. Due to high volume of emails, only successful artists will be contacted.  Selected artists are responsible for postage/the delivery and collection of unsold work to and from the gallery.


Exhibition Proposals



THE RESIDENCE GALLERY has planned a curated exhibition schedule consisting of 7 exhibitions per year: 3 solo exhibitions, 1 2-person exhibition and 3 group exhibitions. Each exhibition averages 5-6 weeks in length.

The Residence Gallery welcomes proposals from London based, national and international artists. Selected artists are responsible for delivery and collection of their artwork to and from the gallery (not including sold works). Artists outside of the London area should consider the cost of shipping before applying. The Residence Gallery only covers transportation of artwork for its London based solo exhibitors.

The Residence Gallery does not grant solo exhibitions to artists who are formally represented by another gallery in London unless by pre-arranged agreement.

If you are interested in exhibiting at The Residence Gallery there are 2 ways to apply:

Group Exhibitions:

The best way to receive notifications of new exhibition opportunities at The Residence Gallery is to subscribe to the Artist Opportunities email list. Group exhibitions are always designed to involve a theme or concept, so please ensure you read the details and consider if your work is appropriate before applying. All applications will be reviewed. A final selection of works will feature in the show. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

2-Person and Solo Exhibitions:

These exhibitions are offered to culturally pioneering artists who produce challenging, forward-thinking, exceptional works of originality, finely honed skill, advanced visual vocabulary, emotional presence, and relevence to 21st century fine art.

In addition to the above, artists who are familiar with the character of the gallery and whose work would benefit from being represented within its context, will have greater success at being granted an exhibition. The Residence Gallery exhibits contemporary fine art, not works better defined as graphic design, craft or illustration. The scale of the gallery can be viewed in the floorplan here: floorplan.pdf

If you are absolutely confident that your work fits the bill, please wow us and send us a formal proposal including your images, ideas, statement, cv and your story to We will be scanning our inbox for the future of the artworld. Please send images in low/medium res .jpeg format. Do not send zip files or links to download sites. Only select few will be contacted. Do not contact the gallery to request a critque of your work.